Warzone Season 4 Trailer Unveils New Vehicle Coming To Verdansk

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The start of Warzone Season 4 is fast approaching and after fans got the first opportunity to see what's going on in Verdansk, some were extremely quick to spot one of the many new additions coming to the battle royale.

Vehicles have been an integral part of Warzone since its release, and with plenty to choose from, there has always been a lack of lightweight and nimble options that can transport you to a destination extremely quickly.


Alongside new Operators, weapons, and new points of interest, the motorcycle has been confirmed as a brand-new vehicle.

Here's everything we know about their impending arrival and the potential impact it will have on the pace of a match.

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Motorcycles In Warzone

If you look closely in the second half of the cinematic trailer, you will spot several Operators whizzing around Verdansk.

Prior to Season 4, motorcycles have only been available in Black Ops Cold War in the large-scale Fireteam modes.


While Warzone does feature ATVs, they have been the only two-man vehicle to appear since the battle royale released all the way back in March 2020, leaving limited options for players to traverse the map at a much faster speed than some of the other vehicles on offer.

With the addition of another agile and speedy vehicle, there is plenty of potential for the overall pace of the game to increase even further.

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A Positive Addition?

The pace of a typical Warzone match is already extremely fast, and if players charging around the map on motorcycles drastically increases the pace, it could have a negative impact on the game.


If they do make an appearance, it will certainly be interesting to see how the often-vocal community reacts.