Nail Gun Weapon Arriving In Warzone And Cold War Season 4

The start of Season 4 for Black Ops Cold War and Warzone is right around the corner and just like the start of every season, a huge amount of content will be arriving across both titles.

Alongside new points of interest to Verdansk, new maps for multiplayer, and a range of Operators, Season 4 will also feature a range of new weapons that could well change the metagame once again.

During the first cinematic trailer, eagle-eyed players were quick to spot that the Nail Gun would be one of the new weapons, much to everyone's curiosity.

Here's everything we know about the weapon, how to unlock it, and whether it will be able to contend with the strongest weapons in both games.

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Nail Gun In Cold War And Warzone Season 4

Nail Gun Black Ops Cold War Season 4
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The minute-long trailer showcased as part of the Summer Game fest included a wealth of information surrounding the new season of content.

While a lot of focus was on the new maps arriving to multiplayer, there was a brief glimpse of the Nail Gun.

For many, the Nail Gun will be a completely new weapon in the Call of Duty franchise but it has made an appearance in a previous title.

Known as the DIY 11 Renovator, the Nail Gun first appeared in Black Ops 3 as a compact submachine gun.

While it didn't have a major influence on the metagame, it was certainly an entertaining addition to the arsenal and was an interesting alternative to the other SMGs on offer.

How To Unlock

While the exact requirements haven't been revealed yet, it's highly likely that there will be some kind of in-game challenge that needs to be completed to unlock the weapon.

If there's no challenge, it could well be unlocked by reaching a specific Tier of the Battle Pass.

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