Raven Software Addressing Return Of Invisibility Glitch In Season 4

After several weeks of teasers, Season 4 of Warzone is finally underway and as players get their teeth stuck into the huge amount of brand-new content that has arrived into the battle royale, a notorious bug has reappeared once again.

The invisibility glitch is one of many exploits and bugs that Raven Software has never managed to fully rectify, much to the annoyance of players that get sent to the Gulag by a player that is impossible to spot.

Just like the last time the invisibility glitch appeared, it appears that its presence within Warzone has something to do with the vehicles that are included in the game.

Here's everything we know about the glitch and when it may disappear once and for all.

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Warzone Season 4 Invisibility Glitch

Despite Raven's best efforts to address the issue when it first appeared several seasons ago, the addition of the Armored Trucks as part of Season 4 is widely believed to be the catalyst behind the latest episode of Warzone versus the invisibility glitch.

Several players have taken to social media to express their frustrations on the issue. Twitch streamer its_iron showcased the glitch in action.

This clip shows the very end of a Warzone match, with the player that is being spectated managing to run rings around the final opponent standing in the way of a trip aboard the victory helicopter.

It's clear that the opponent cannot see the other player, meaning that it isn't exactly the fairest of fights that has taken place in Verdansk.

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When Will It Be Fixed?

Thankfully, players may not have to wait too long for Raven Software to implement a fix for this reoccurring issue. The developer has already removed the Armored Trucks from Warzone and is tracking the problem on its Trello board.

A fix is likely to appear in the next update which is due to arrive as soon as June 25th. Considering the severity of the problem, there is a chance that the fix could arrive even sooner.

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