18 Jun 2021 11:56 AM +00:00

Warzone's Armored Trucks Removed After Invisibility Glitch

One of Warzone's headline additions as part of Season 4, newly customisable armored trucks, have been removed from the game less than 24 hours after the debuted.

The controversial addition was the subject of a new bug that caused the players to turn invisible.

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Warzone's Armored Trucks Removed After Invisibility Glitch

Raven Software's Twitter account noted that the vehicles had been removed due to a bug:

The game's Trello board notes that the team is continuing to investigate a more permanent fix.


Many players will also be hoping that the team at Raven takes note of community concerns around the vehicles. After C4 was nerfed heavily in recent months, adding the potential for repairs and additional customisation has been met with a less than positive response by Warzone players.

Many had decried the vehicles as being too powerful before, but with additional UAVs and more on offer, some purists will likely be pleased to see the vehicles removed - even if it's only temporary.

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