Warzone Season 4 Will See Huge Time to Kill Changes

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Raven Software, the developer behind Call of Duty's free-to-play battle royale, Warzone, has revealed it plans big changes to the 'time to kill' (TTK) in order to shake up the game's established meta coming in Season 4.

Mentioned as part of the Season 4 patch notes, Raven teased changes that will 'increase the overall capacity for skill expression' while also allowing other weapons to become viable.


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Warzone Season 4 Will See Huge Time to Kill Changes

The blog post (found here) notes that "in a future patch, we will be making sweeping balance changes to Weapons", before explaining the philosophy behind the changes.

At a high level, Warzone is a game about engagements. The more time we allot to mechanical and strategic expression within engagements, the higher the ‘skill ceiling’ and the longer our personal journey of mastery.
We believe the frequency of those engagements and how we navigate them heavily contributes to the overall level of fun. We want to enable more escapes from impossible situations, moments of finesse, epic outplays, and opportunities to flex exquisite marksmanship.
Due to some Weapons being far more lethal than others in their class, we feel a reduction in the efficacy of those outliers is necessary. We expect these changes will bring the average Time to Kill up by approximately 60 to 100 milliseconds. These changes will not only increase the overall capacity for skill expression, but should also introduce some Weapons into viability that have not yet had a chance to shine.

Wondering which weapons are up for a nerf or buff? Raven helpfully teased a few changes, as you can see in the image below.

Call of Duty Warzone weapon balance chart
Image courtesy of Raven Software

If your weapon of choice is shown, the blog post goes into the minutiae of the tweaks and is well worth a read.

It's certainly an interesting position to be in, since Warzone has the one shortest 'time to kill' ratings overall in the battle royale genre.

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