Warzone Season 2 best Duos landing spots: For Loot, High Risk, Survival and More

Warzone Season 2 duos is a test of skill, teamwork and communication - but all that goes down the pan if you land in the wrong area.

Here are the best places to land in Warzone Season 2 Duos - kicking off with a favourite:

Downtown - Best for kills and loot

Downtown is always very busy, but as there's two of you, you can but it's great to get right into the thick of the action. Plus there are tons of recon missions for you to hoover up.

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We've found the best course of action to is to have one player up high, while the other scouts and loots the buildings below.

Usually, the buildings themselves are pretty sparse, so once you've got a good amount of gear, head up high and survey the land.

There's a helicopter parked on the ground and another on top of a building. Avoid the latter as that's a popular spot for campers - but good if you want to stay near there and mop up some kills.

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Finally, try to land at the police station - it's easier to guard and there's plenty of ammo.

Farmland - Survival time

Farmland is underrated and doesn't help itself with its buildings scattered around the place. There are plenty of open areas giving you the opportunity to wait and catch your enemies by surprise.

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Due to the spread of loot being quite large, it means you'll spend a lot of the early stages going between buildings, so keep your guard up for any enemies with the same plan as you.

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You're unlikely to pick up lots of kills here due to the scarcity of players in this region. However, if you're looking to make it to that top 10 situation, this may be the place for you.

Superstore - High risk, high reward

Superstore has been the place to go for a chaotic start, but can the same be said for this season

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Located near the middle of Verdansk this region is very high traffic, meaning you can camp on the roof of the Superstore and catch any duos rotating into the zone.

When you land, you'll need to be ready to fight so grab a weapon and take out your nearest threat.

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We also recommend you stick with your duo when moving around Superstore. This should allow you to trade out any kills and take on other teams with ease. 

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