Warzone Season 2 best Solo landing spots: For high kills, survival, camping and more

Warzone Solos can be incredibly intense - so finding the right landing spot is absolutely crucial.

Here. we've pulled out the 3 best landing spots for Warzone Season 2 Solos. Let's get to work.

Downtown - Best for kills and loot

Some would call this a 'sweaty' drop, and it can be pretty busy, but it's great to get right into the thick of the action.

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Plus there are tons of recon missions for you to hoover up. The high buildings are a huge advantage for those who like sniper rifles, plus you get great visibility of the streets below.

Land near the helicopter for a good mix between height and access to the streets - plus the buy station by the fire station is a good part to camp (if that's your thing).

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Finally, try to land at the police station - there's an ammo refill there and there's usually a decent crate or two lying around. There are only a couple of entry points, so it's a great place to hunker down and cover.

Dam - Best to survive

Dam is great for players who perhaps don't like as much action. You're on high ground, plus there's a decent smattering of boxes lying around.

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Given the high visibility, you'll be able to see a lot of action going on - which is where any field of view adjustments could really come into their own.

Keep an eye on the fire station, though - it's popular and usually will see a few people battle it out in the roof.

If you're a camper, don't get stuck up in the watch tower - you'll be exposed from multiple sides and flushed out.

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A good route, circle permitting, is to head down the dam to the base below. There, make your way towards the airport. There's plenty of cover and you won't be too open.

Vodianoy Shipwreck - Best place if you want to die...

Normally, the Stadium or Superstore would take this accolade, but in Warzone Season 2 the Shipwreck is where the carnage happens.

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If you survive what will be a crowded drop, you'll be rewarded with a ton of loot. You'll almost certainly get picked off shortly after picking it up - so enjoy it while it lasts. If you do survive, head for the Hills and set up base there.

Port, too, offers some shelter in the form of the crane buildings littered around the docks.

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