Does Warzone support DLSS?

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Warzone will soon support DLSS, Nvidia has confirmed!

Despite it not appearing in the latest Season 2 patch, there are strong hopes it could be along very shortly - although a definite time is yet to be confirmed.


Nvidia brought DLSS to Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War back in November, and announced last year of their plans to bring the feature to Warzone, enabling players to accelerate their frame rates in the popular battle royale.

What is DLSS?

DLSS or Deep Learning Super Sampling is an upscaling method powered by AI - upscaling lower-resolution images into crystal clear high resolution.

This allows for games to visually look stunning, and run at '4k' with high framerates as the image is rendered at a lower resolution.


To achieve this, Nvidia “trained” its DLSS algorithm with a supercomputer built specifically for graphical rendering

Does DLSS increase framerates?

This all depends on the resolution you are using. If you have features such as ray tracing switched on, then activating DLSS will have a really positive impact on frame-rates, if you are playing at above 1080p resolution.

If you use DLSS at 1080p resolution, with features such as Ray Tracing added, then image quality will be significantly worse - as the tensor cores need time to process every frame.


Some fans on the Warzone sub-reddit believe DLSS could be coming with a rumoured new map. Check out what they have to say here!