Warzone Player Masters The Gulag By Scoring Three Kills

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Season 4 of Warzone is well underway and players are still getting to grips with the brand-new iteration of the Gulag that is based on classic Black Ops 2 map Hijacked. For those unfamiliar with the Gulag, it's the last-chance saloon for players to get back into the action if they can win a 1v1 duel.

Usually, the sole objective of the Gulag is to score the one elimination required to secure your release back into the streets of Verdansk but one player has managed to massively exceed the requirements needed to earn their freedom. Rather than scoring one kill, this particular player managed to score three kills before making their way back into the game, much to the surprise of many, including myself, who can barely score one Gulag kill, let alone three!

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Three Kills In The Gulag?!

Reddit user "bishybosh" was quick to upload their achievement online to showcase it to the community.


The first two eliminations come from the rafters as the player watches the action taking place below. A well-timed throw of a stone secures the kills after it lands on a piece of C4 primed for detonation, taking out both combatants attempting to escape the confines of the Gulag.


The third kill is a bit more straightforward. After a few seconds of ducking and diving in and out of cover, the player manages to land two precise shots with Dual Wield Magnums in order to earn their escape. Scoring one kill is tricky enough but managing to score three in a matter of seconds is certainly an extraordinary feat that will be extremely difficult to replicate.

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How To Kill Players With Rocks In The Gulag

It may seem extremely difficult to eliminate an opponent while spectating a Gulag match but with some amount of precision and timing, it is a sure-fire method of scoring some additional kills on players that cannot fight back. First of all, find a position in the rafters that offers a solid view of the vast majority of the Gulag. This will enable you to see both opponents below with ease.

Next, keep your eyes peeled on the action. Due to the fast time to kill in Warzone, timing your throw so it hits an opponent that is on minimal health is the key to scoring the kills. Rocks deal a total of one damage, so timing is everything. When you think a player is on the verge of elimination, line them up and throw the rock!