Players Request Changes To Warzone's Gulag Footsteps

One of the more radical additions to Warzone as part of Season 4 has been the complete overhaul of the Gulag, a close-quarters battlefield where players constantly battle against each other for another chance at dropping back into Verdansk.

Season 3's Gulag was based on classic Black Ops map Standoff and as part of the latest season of post-launch content, the Gulag has been transformed into a recreation of Hijacked, which returned as a multiplayer map in Black Ops Cold War.

While many players are a fan of the all-new Gulag, there's one issue in particular that has led to several complaints across social media. One-versus-one duels are being spoiled by the excessive footstep audio being produced by the spectators.

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Hijacked Gulag Footstep Audio

Even though the new iteration of the Gulag has been out for a minimal amount of time, the vocal community is already sharing ways of improving the Hijacked Gulag in order to make it a more competitive experience for the two players attempting to earn their redeployment. Reddit user "Vyra-Static" was one of the first to mention the annoying footstep audio produced by spectators waiting for their matches.

While many expressed their frustrations surrounding the high levels of footstep audio, other users countered the argument suggesting that the high audio prevented players from camping in corners during their turn in the Gulag. Reddit user "Aboubakarkeita" stated that they "actually like that you can hear their footsteps. If it was you and your adversary, the Gulag would become even more campy."

Even though there are players that prefer the louder audio, the majority are somewhat annoyed by the modifications made by Raven Software. For now, the issue doesn't seem to be on the agenda of the Warzone developer but if the player feedback continues, it's more than likely that some kind of change will be implemented in a future update.

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