Raven Software Exploring Potential Counters To Warzone's Dead Silence Field Upgrade

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Season 4 of Warzone is in full swing and while plenty of focus is on the new Satellite Wreckages, vehicles, the MG 82 light machine gun, and many more pieces of content, one part of the battle royale continues to be a hot topic of conversation amongst the community. Ever since Warzone released back in 2020, the Dead Silence Field Upgrade has proven to be one of the best pieces of equipment to use thanks to its ability to silence footsteps for a temporary period of time.

It's not just the silent footsteps that makes the Field Upgrade so good. While it may not be mentioned in the official description, players can also benefit from an increase in movement speed, making it very hard for opponents to deal with in close-quarters situations.


As calls for changes to Dead Silence continue to be made, Warzone developer Raven Software has revealed that potential changes to give players a better chance at countering the Field Upgrade could be on their way.

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Warzone Dead Silence Changes

As part of a patch that went live on June 22nd, the developer outlined its intentions when it comes to dealing with the overpowered nature of Dead Silence.


"We are exploring all avenues in terms of changes to provide 'fair' and 'reactable' counterplay options to Dead Silence," Raven Software announced. "A decision like this must be made carefully especially considering how it may destabilize other aspects of the game. We cannot promise anything at this moment but as we close in on an appropriate solution, we will share more details. Sit tight."

By the sounds of Raven's statement, it appears that Dead Silence will not be receiving any kind of nerf but there will be ways for players to counter an opponent using it to get the upper hand. No details on what the counters would be were revealed, but many are expecting changes to a Perk that may enable players to defeat a Dead Silence user.

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