Warzone Hacking Accuser Is Now Tracking Zlaner's Real Life Moves

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ZLaner has been accused of cheating by BadBoy Bearman many times in Warzone. Badboy Bearman accuses ZLaner every chance he gets, but he recently revealed that he knows a little too much about the streamer. The accuser revealed in a tweet that he actually knew how often ZLaner had moved within five months.

Several people have defended this knowledge, stating that it's essential for the upcoming anti-cheating update. Nevertheless, I believe people's personal homes should be kept out of their gaming lives. Find out more about those defending and opposing the off-hand knowledge below.


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Warzone Hacker

Okay, so let's reveal the tweet first. ZLaner is basically saying he's moving to Toronto, which is a not-so-out-of-the-ordinary tweet, then BadBoy Bearman comes in and reveals how often ZLaner has moved in 5 months. Thank you to the talented writer Theo Salaun of Dexerto for pointing this one out.


Basically, the argument is that ZLaner might be moving to avoid any anti-cheat software noticing his IP address. Warzone Developers can use his IP address to find out how often he has cheated and ban him accordingly. It's just their side, and I'm not sure how true that is.

You can actually just contact your internet provider to change your IP address, which is an easy rebuttal. It's not a big deal to them, especially when you have proof in a tweet that someone is taking note of how often you move.

Now for the "moving is normal" side:

  • ZLaner is from Canada, so moving to a popular city in Canada makes sense.
  • Now that ZLaner has exploded in subscribers and fame, he can afford to upgrade his house.
  • ZLaner is an internet personality who is often threatened by jealous viewers. Perhaps he felt unsafe where he lived.
  • I move once a year. Some others move one every other year. Even still, some people have Summer and Winter homes. Moving is just something people do.

Even when someone moves so often, there is nothing out of the ordinary about it. In general, no one should feel as if their movements are being tracked. There are very few comments supporting this kind of watchfulness, and it's not hard to understand why.