TimTheTatman Says Cheating Accusers Are Bots And To "Shut The F*** Up!"

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There has been much debate about whether ZLaner cheats. ZLaner humored it at one point, but now he's taken the position that many have taken and decided he doesn't have anything to prove to anyone. TimTheTatman, however, was asked live on stream to comment and address the hackusations.

It is not the first time that a streamer has come out against ZLaner's hackusations. IceManIsaac has also commented on ZLaner's accusations and mocked how ridiculous they are. Check out Tim's reaction and the full statement below.


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ZLaner Hacking In Warzone

TimTheTatman took a stand and decided to make his point loud and clear. To hear people accusing everyone around them is exhausting. Even Scump, a pro of Call of Duty for over a decade, got accused of cheating in Warzone. When is enough, enough?

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To quote tim:

"Shut the f*** up!! He's not cheating, you're just bots!"

In essence, Tim says that some players are so bad that they can't fathom that someone else could be good. Someone who is called a bot is considered to be a terrible player. He's referring to the issue that most players say "recoil" (Cronos) when accusing someone of cheating. When you are good enough, you will learn how to control the recoil of the weapons. JGOD showed how to do this easily.


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ZLaner doesn't have to prove himself to anyone. It's the right attitude to let other pros and streamers say it's ridiculous and not care what some commenters think. Despite that, we won't hear the end of this for quite some time.