Warzone Players Want Permanent Solo Vanguard Royale Playlist

Regular playlist updates from Raven Software inject a breath of fresh air into Warzone. The addition of modes such as Caldera Clash has proven to be a major hit within the community.

With Season 2 Reloaded right around the corner, the Warzone developer is calling on the community in a bid to improve various elements of the battle royale including adjustments to health levels.

Despite the popularity of the game's playlist updates, some players are asking the developer to make the solo Vanguard Royale mode a permanent addition to the game.

Vanguard Royale Solo
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Warzone Solo Vanguard Royale

Thanks to slight tweaks to a number of key gameplay elements, Vanguard Royale has proven a hit since the introduction of Caldera. Reddit user 'Pastuch' thinks the mode should be permanent after describing it as "perfect."

As expected, plenty of players agreed with the post with some saying that the set of rules "is way better" than regular battle royale modes. I would love for both Solo modes to be permanent," adds another user. Despite certain modes becoming a hit with players, Raven Software isn't afraid to remove them at a moment's notice much to the annoyance of some.

Will Solo Vanguard Royale Stay in Warzone?

Considering it's one of the more popular modes, it would be surprising if solo Vanguard Royale disappeared with a mode that isn't a hit with players. There's every chance Raven Software will remove it eventually but many are hoping that it becomes a permanent fixture.

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