Players Claim Number of Warzone Cheaters Is Increasing

Warzone continues to battle with cheaters dropping into Caldera and Rebirth Island. Despite the team behind Ricochet anti-cheat claiming that cheating within the game is at an "all-time low," players say that the number of hackers is on the rise once again.

As players look towards the start of Season 2 Reloaded, members of the community continue to encounter a number of players gaining an unfair advantage on Caldera and Rebirth Island.

The arrival of Ricochet managed to reduce the number of cheaters but one player suggests there are far too many players using hacks.

Warzone Cheaters Increasing
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Warzone Cheaters Increasing

The topic of cheaters reappeared thanks to a post from Reddit user 'Extension_Variety908' claiming there are numerous players scoring "sus kills."

"Every time I play Rebirth I always get killed by a guy snapping onto my head or not looking at me and then turning around and quickscoping me in the head," claims the player. It's not just them that thinks something is strange. One commenter claims "there are many people using walls," allowing them to see through buildings to spot opponents.

Will Warzone Get Rid of Hackers?

Banning all cheaters from Warzone is an incredibly tricky task. Even with an anti-cheat in place, a few will always slip through the net which appears to be what's happening in Warzone. If Ricochet implements an update or another ban wave, there's every chance the number of cheaters in Warzone will drop to minimal levels once again. Until then, report anything suspicious using the in-game tools.

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