Warzone Players Want Caldera Clash as Permanent Mode

Season 2 of Warzone introduced the Caldera Clash game mode as an alternative to the usual battle royale playlists.

Since its arrival, the mode has proven a hit within the community with some players likening the experience to a chaotic Ground War match packed with action around every corner. The mode heavily resembles Team Deathmatch from standard Call of Duty multiplayer in addition to game-changing Power-Ups.

As the latest season of post-launch content continues and more players pile into the action, some have asked Raven Software to make Caldera Clash a permanent addition.

Warzone Caldera Clash Mode
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Caldera Clash Warzone Mode

In addition to the fast pace, players are finding it extremely useful to level up weapons as fast as possible. According to a Reddit post, the mode is also causing Vanguard players to jump ship to Warzone.

Reddit user 'astrala' is a Vanguard regular but found themselves Thoroughly enjoying what Caldera Clash has to offer. "Keep this in the game and I will play for many, many hours," said the player.

Numerous players shared the sentiment, calling for the mode to remain in Warzone on a permanent basis rather than a limited-time mode.

Is Caldera Clash A Permanent Warzone Mode?

As of writing (February 18, 2022), Caldera Clash is part of the Search and Deploy event taking place over the course of Season 2. While many want it to remain, it's likely that the mode will disappear in the next playlist update but its popularity is likely to result in the game mode returning in the not too distant future.

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