Raven Software Removes Warzone Vanguard Royale Playlists

Since arriving on the Pacific island of Caldera, Warzone's transition from Verdansk has been far from smooth sailing. As Season 1 Reloaded gets underway, the latest playlist update hasn't gone down well with the community. On January 13th, Raven Software made the decision to remove the majority of Vanguard-focused playlists from the battle royale.

Widely believed as the more popular playlist, many have been left confused by the decision as they continue to drop into regular battle royale matches that contain weapons and equipment from 2019's Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War, leading to a huge shift in the ever-changing metagame.

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Warzone Vanguard Royale Playlists Removed

Vanguard Royale Playlists Removed
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Numerous pro players and streamers were extremely fast to react to such a radical change. FaZe Clan's Kalei showcased her confusion with a barrage of question marks as Vanguard Royale gets removed in favour of Vanguard Plunder.

She wasn't the only player left bemused by the playlist update. European streamer MVapulear went a step further claiming if Raven Software completely removes Vanguard Royale, the game is "finished." Judging by yet another outcry of frustration from the community, it will be interesting to see if the developer reverts its decision in a future update.

Is Vanguard Royale Coming Back?

As with most playlist updates, certain modes only disappear for a short period of time before being added back in another playlist update. For fans of Vanguard Royale, the mode will return on January 20th for Quads but other than that, it looks like standard Battle Royale playlists will reign supreme for the rest of January.

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