Warzone Player Discovers Ingenious Unlimited Ammo Glitch

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Warzone players are no strangers to numerous bugs and glitches impacting the popular battle royale. Since switching from Verdansk to Caldera, the game has been riddled with a variety of problems, much to the annoyance of the community.

With audio bugs impacting Welgun users alongside Loadout Drops disappearing underground, many are hoping the delay to Season 2 allows Raven Software to address the problems returning Warzone to a somewhat playable state.

While some are looking ahead to the update, a group of players have uncovered an ingenious exploit enabling them to gain an unlimited amount of ammunition.

Warzone Unlimited Ammo Glitch
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Warzone Unlimited Ammo Glitch

Reddit user 'AlexandruMacedon' showcased the innovative exploit in a short video that saw the player earn over one thousand bullets for their assault rifle, enough to last an entire match.

The player drops all of their AR ammo and weapon onto the ground and thanks to the Fully Loaded perk, they pick up the weapon again to receive a fresh stack of bullets for them to use. By repeating the trick, they quickly amassed enough ammunition for the rest of their squad.

Will The Unlimited Ammo Glitch Get Fixed?

If players begin to abuse this crafty exploit, it's highly likely Raven Software will intervene with a patch to stop players from hoarding ammunition like it's going out of fashion. Until then, make the most of gaining maximum ammo with minimal effort!

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