Warzone Player Uncovers Strange Welgun Audio Bug

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The long list of bugs and glitches within Warzone continues to grow, much to the annoyance of the often-vocal community.

With players becoming increasingly dissatisfied with issues ranging from Loadout Drops heading underground to buildings turning invisible, Raven Software is attempting to address most of the problems ahead of Season 2.

The latest flaw discovered involves the Welgun submachine gun (SMG) projecting audio in such a way that it sounds like an opponent is shooting from behind them. Highly inconvenient in a battle royale.

Warzone Welgun Audio Bug
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Warzone Welgun Audio Bug

Reddit user 'ChoiceBurrito69' uncovered the bizarre bug during a Rebirth Island match. The SMG fired by one of their squadmates caused the audio, bullet trails, and muzzle flash to appear behind the player, leaving them confused as to where the gunfire was coming from.

Alongside the strange audio issues, it appears that there are other issues affecting this particular SMG. "The barrel is invisible when I used it," revealed one user. Some aren't happy with its in-game performance either, with one commenter claiming that "the barrel that's supposed to improve range is nonexistent."

When Will Warzone Audio Get Fixed?

As it's one of the main issues currently affecting players, the likelihood of Raven Software applying significant adjustments to Warzone's audio in the Season 2 update is extremely high. Let's hope that bullets appear where they're supposed to in the not-too-distant future.

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