Warzone Tournament Was Delayed Because of Hacking Accusations

Another Warzone tournament means another round of players who aren't very good thinking pros cheat. But after the usual call of cheating for a normal match, something strange happened. There was a discrepancy between the gaming screen and the screen shown to spectators, which looked very suspicious.

It was 'Ahzvm' who had won the gulag in Warzone. He showed his task manager on his gaming screen when he was accused of cheating. Strangely, when looking at his monitors at the bottom right, you don't see the task manager. As a result, the tournament was halted.

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Warzone Tournament hacker

A real explanation was given, and there are a lot of clips to digest. Here's a video from my friends at Esports Talk that goes over a lot of it:

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Those who accused him of firing, I have to ask, where would you expect him to aim? Aim where the enemy will be, not where they were when you lost them. The clip even looked like Ahzvm didn't know where his enemy was; he was just randomly picking spots and even got shot from an angle he wasn't looking at.

Sadly, the tweet above feeds the people who don't play well. This just makes others think that accusations are true instead of considering other factors. This will never end, even with the anti-cheat, because it's never enough.

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