Warzone Pros Argue Who Is The Best Call of Duty Player

The top 30 Call of Duty players has been ranked multiple times since the new Warzone update. Scump, Clayster, Crimsix, Karma, and FormaL normally occupy the top five spots in these lists. The players, however, have finally opened up about what they think and who should be at the top.

It's interesting to see how well each person ranked themselves. Some may not think they deserve the top spot, but both Scump and Crimsix argue their claims. I personally prefer Scump, but that ring debate is actually quite good.

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Who is the best Warzone player

He has one ring, which signifies his victory in a world championship. Unfortunately for those like me who agree Scump is the best, everyone at the top of the list has about three rings. In Scumps own words about that situation:

"It's really hard to defend yourself when lists are made… I have 29 championships, a lot of people use the metric of rings to a huge extent. Rings do hold more weight than regular championship but I have 29."

My talented friends at Esports Talk show everyone's side below:

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This is a debate of personal opinion and it is impossible to be right or wrong when the skill levels are so close. However, I will defend Scump until the end—or at least until someone brings up rings.

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