TimTheTatman Bet Dr DisRespect $1,000 That He Couldn't Win A Warzone Match Solo

Soloing in Warzone will really demonstrate your skill. It's you against everyone else—you can't ask for help or be revived by teammates. TimTheTatman was taking a break from playing Call of Duty when he noticed that Dr DisRespect was playing.

Then Timothy 'TimTheTatman' Betar had an idea, if Herschel 'Dr DisRespect' Beahm could prove his skills, Tim would give him $1,000. The only way to do it is in Warzone solos, and the Two-Time Champion accepted the challenge. Below is the video.

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Warzone Solos

Dr DisRespect did a unique intro, where he put on a face for Tim's chat. Dr DisRespect came out fighting but was quickly cornered. He's killed in the Gulag, but Tim gives him another chance. It's pretty funny to see him die so quickly, however.

Moreover, Dr DisRespect, who develops levels for Call of Duty, has opinions about the game's future. I won't ruin the actual competition, but a lot happens in the video, and there are a lot of hackers in this game and a friendly stream sniper.

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Fortunately, Dr DisRespect was given a third chance by Tim after being killed a second time. Dr DisRespect keeps trying to get the amount to go up, but it's hard to support him when he keeps losing within seconds.

The best part of this, is Dr DisRespect talks so much smack to Tim, for example:

  • "I'm not going to take advice from someone who's never played a solo match in his life"
  • "Oh yeah, this game is SO much fun."
  • "Played it smarter, you're an idiot, you think I'm hugging that wall? Way Smarter. Way more experienced."
  • "It's an easy win"
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