JGOD Shows New Warzone Map Caldera and the Changes To Come

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With the release of Vanguard, Warzone is receiving a lot of new updates. Caldera, a new map that players will become lost in, is one of the biggest updates. James 'JGOD' Godoy went over the update and summarized what he saw based on what he already knew.

Readers should note that JGOD is one of the streamers invited into a Private Beta, Private Alpha, and even a meeting with Activision executives to show the Anti-Cheat system. JGOD is one of the streamers who are very knowledgeable about the series and keeps up to date. His perspective is a unique and valuable one.


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Warzone Caldera

JGOD identifies the most significant changes as he goes over them. Anti-Cheats, pre-season, Operation: Flashback, and Caldera are the biggest. The video starts at 2:10.


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Throughout the video, JGOD reads things out, but he adds a few details, such as the advantages of buying Vanguard.

According to JGOD, if you own Vanguard, you'll get early access to Warzone Pacific. It's true; Activision wants people to buy the new game so badly that they allow early access to the new Warzone. We will likely see Streamers and Pros as the first players in the Warzone Pacific.