“It’s the Pre-game Lobby” - Symfuhny Makes Embarassing Mistake in Warzone Tournament

Everyone notices when you mess up in a Warzone tournament. Symfuhny had to learn that lesson the hard way when he made a huge casting error during his Symfuhny 50k tournament in Warzone. The pre-game lobby was mistakenly thought to be part of the tournament.

Not just a small mistake either, but calling out as if it was a real action and everyone was confused. When it became clear that Sumfuhny was serious, his partner didn't want to tell him. This was very embarrassing, and the clips below show what happened.

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Warzone Tournament

Despite his full confidence, Symfuhny began casting the unmistakable great play. During warmups, a pro named Tommey took out another as Sumfhuny went through and stated they could win. The clip is below:

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This is what happened in exchange for those who don't want to watch it:

Symfuhny: … Make into that Top 3
Partner: [Symfuhny] are you trolling?
Symfuhny: No.
Partner: Okay
Symfuhny: Did you [say] the same thing?
Partner: No.. It's… No, it's the pre-game lobby.

Symfuhny walking away from the camera and taking off his headphones is hilarious. His explanation is as follows:

This is one of the best situations from that tournament, hands down.

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