Warzone Titan Frenzy Event Explained

Warzone Titan Frenzy Event
Credit: Activision

The Operation Monarch event in Warzone is now underway following weeks of teasers surrounding the arrival of Godzilla and Kong. The limited-time event (LTE) includes various challenges for players to complete in addition to a brand-new S.C.R.E.A.M Device that allows players to use the monsters' damage to their advantage.

Another new arrival is the Titan Frenzy, an in-game public event that sees the entire lobby facing off against the two monsters. With players needing to deal huge amounts of damage in order to overcome the beasts, some are already thinking about the best tactics to use.

If you're one of many players wondering what the Titan Frenzy event entails, you've come to the right place. Find all there is to know about the in-game event taking place within Operation Monarch in this guide.

What Is The Titan Frenzy Event?

Unless they're provoked, Kong and Godzilla will leave you alone during an Operation Monarch match. During a Titan Frenzy event, the two monsters will enter a period of all-out aggression.

When a Titan Frenzy event begins, players can select one of two options. They can either run from the threat or stay and fight the beasts. If you stay behind, you can earn a S.C.R.E.A.M Device that enables you to use Godzilla's Heat Ray Breath or Kong's Ground Pound to your advantage.

To obtain the device, deal the most damage during the Titan Frenzy event. If you don't secure the device, you can still earn plenty of Monarch Intel to fill the meter.

Warzone Titan Frenzy Event Start Time

The Titan Frenzy event occurs at the beginning of a match and in the latter stages. The event acts as an ideal time to earn progression towards some of the eight challenges that require players to deal massive damage to Godzilla and Kong.

Warzone Titan Frenzy Event
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Credit: Activision

Is The Titan Frenzy Event Worth It?

Considering the possibility of earning a S.C.R.E.A.M Device and working your way through challenges, it's definitely worth taking part in a Titan Frenzy event at the beginning of a match. If an event takes place towards the end of a match, it's worth considering how much ammunition you have along with the number of remaining players. Is it worth defeating Godzilla and Kong if you have the opportunity to win the match?

With Operation Monarch running until May 25, you've got plenty of time to experience a Titan Frenzy event so be sure to join the fight at some point during the operation.

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