14-year-old Warzone Player Wins TimTheTatman's Community Tournament

Season 1 of Warzone Pacific is currently in full swing, much to the excitement of the Call of Duty community. As players continue to drop into Caldera to complete the Festive Fervor challenges, a holiday miracle has taken place during content creator TimTheTatman's Community Warzone Tournament that was held on December 22nd.

The tournament was organised at very short notice but still attracted several big names alongside numerous members of his community. While many were expecting one of the more well-known talents to take the prize money, a 14-year-old managed to be the last one standing to take home $1,000 in prize money right before Christmas, much to the excitement of the player and their family.

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TimTheTatman Community Warzone Tournament Winner

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Gaming as a career choice is not something every parent wishes that their little one should pursue. Although, if they are good enough, it could turn out to be pretty rewarding. The clip displays the excitement in the youngster's voice along with his dad recording him in the same room.

As TimTheTatman begins to congratulate the winner, his dad revealed that he "didn't think he was good enough." The 14-year-old was rewarded $1,000 for winning the tournament and couldn't control his excitement while talking to the Call of Duty streamer.

With many aspiring gamers looking to enter the esports space, this 14-year-old has shown that anything is possible if you can stick with it and make the most of any opportunities that come your way. Perhaps this young Warzone star is the next best thing? We will have to wait and see.

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