TimTheTatman Streams Warzone From a Rooftop in NYC During the AT&T 5g Roadshow

Thanks to AT&T, Tim 'TimTheTatman' Betar could play Warzone on a rooftop in New York. Tim reassured his audience that this was not a green screen and the Brooklyn Bridge as the backdrop. He had a spooky ambiance and a Warzone setup ready to play.

TimTheTatman usually uses one webcam on his stream, but this time he had seven cameras around him. Tim's actual Warzone stream started after about an hour, so we have a time stamp. Why did it take him so long? He had to eat, typical of TimTheTatman.

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TimTheTatman Warzone Stream

ZLaner and other TimTheTatman friends joined in as well. ZLaner characteristically suggested that Tim jump in the river to get a lot of views. Tim wasn't seriously considering it, but ZLaner was very persuasive.

There is a real difference between high production and low production streaming. It was amazing cinematography; Tim really needs more than one camera to adjust to his playing style. Warzone Stream begins at 57:30, but I'll leave the highlights of the older stream at the beginning.

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Tim dying within seconds of landing is a good sign. Live from NYC, AT&T brings you Tim's immediate death. Tim got killed quickly, even as a ghost, and needed his friends to buy him back.

Even though Tim is humble about the whole situation, he does get better later on in the stream. I won't ruin it, but they were getting a lot of wins.

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