Pokimane Is Launching a Talent Management Company With Gaming Industry Veterans

Pokimane has taken a huge leap by starting a company with other gaming veterans in service of streamers. RTS, the name of the company, will focus on evolving the creator business model, avoiding bad brand deals, and formulating sound esports strategies to fix the gaming and esports industry.

Pokimane is well known to reject deals from esports teams in favor of her own brand and unique take on streaming. She helped found Offline TV and wants to push the same idea of not needing a big brand to be successful.

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Pokimane founds Talent Management company

Pokimane's new company, RTS, has been founded in what she calls the "biggest announcement" of her career. The tweet below leads to one of the company's first announcements, having Pokimane as their Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer:

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Many veterans from the game industry will join the start-up, as well as some major customers. Stuart Shaw, the CEO, is a Twitch and Endeavor veteran, and other staff members have worked with Twitch, Blizzard, and PAX. PUBG Corp's Americas head Brian Corrigan sits on the board along with Endeavor Executive VP Karen Brodkin and Twitch co-founder Kevin Lin.

RTS will work Sony to co-manage the Evo fighting game tournament. They will also work with PUBG, Epic Games, Facebook, Ballentine's, Learfield, and Riot Games.

Pokimane is passionate about helping streamers, and she wants RTS to follow the same path. She said plenty of talented streamers are "spinning their wheels on basic stuff" and forming partnerships that don't benefit either party. As a result, her new company will take advantage of her experience and provide rookies with the support they need.

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