Warzone Pro BANNED In The Middle of Symfuhny $50k Event

During the Symfuhny Warzone $50,000 Event, a streamer was banned live in the middle of a Warzone stream. During the game, a partner used a homophobic slur. Despite not saying the slur, DanxH was banned from Twitch after players heard it over his screen.

Warzone and Twitch do not allow slurs to be said or heard in streams. Regardless of the cause or context, it's usually an instant ban. He went to Twitch to plead his case, and the company made a statement on the matter.

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Twitch Warzone ban

The case is a case of mass reporting since the streamer was only banned after many viewers reported him. DenxH did not use the F slur himself. Instead, his partner read a comment that contained it out loud.

It may have been heard on the other stream, as I said earlier. My friends from Esports Talk cover the places well:

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Twitch has adjusted the ban to allow DenxH to play again, although it may seem like a permanent ban. As seen on this Tweet:

It's good to see Twitch own up to this and even correct their mistake. Although this doesn't happen to most streamers, it would not have happened if it hadn't been reported.

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