Warzone Hacker Was Allegedly Paid £5,000 to Stream Snipe MuTeX

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There's a cheater out there who makes too much money by sniping and hacking in Warzone. The fact that hackers are openly attacking streamers and making money is amazing. Hacker MrTgaming has claimed that others made 5,000 pounds from a stream snipe against Charlie' MuTeX' Saouma.

In other Warzone videos, he targets HusKerrs, Wagnificent, and Iron. The hacker calls himself "UK's number one stream sniper." It is one thing to report on the underground bounty system for hackers, but to see someone profiting from it is quite another.


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Warzone stream sniper

I will not post any links to their social media other than a clip to help anyone support or harass this person. Instead, a name for MrTgaming and the other hacker mentioned, iHack, will suffice.

Unconfirmed persona
Credit: Twitch of iHack
Unconfirmed persona

You can see MrTgaming proud to catch bigger streamers in a video that won't embed to the site. The caption reads:

"SMSY told me i couldnt get the "Bigger" streamers!
HusKerrs Wagnificent Iron .
Coming back for you SMSY!!"

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According to rumors, the anti-cheat was intentionally leaked as a trojan horse. Thus, hacking corporations believe they can win but are given false code to work with. I hope it's true because if hackers are really benefitting, as we have seen, Warzone will only worsen.