Warzone Glitch Keeps Crashing Cloakzy & TimTheTatman's Games

Glitches have plagued Warzone, but none as severe as those that require the game to be reset. Tim 'TimTheTatman' Betar and Dennis 'Cloakzy' Lepore have been experiencing this strange bug in their games. It cuts the screen in half and puts the bottom side on top, making it impossible to play properly.

In the middle of a game between Nick 'NICKMERCS' Kolcheff and TimTheTatman, the glitch appeared. Tim added that this was also happening in Cloakzy's Warzone matches. This is the strangest glitch I've seen in a game; Tim asked his assistant if they could do anything, but it seemed unlikely to fix.

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Warzone Glitch

According to TimTheTatman, this has plagued him and other players since the latest update. Additionally, he said he doesn't know why it hasn't been fixed yet. Dr DisRespect has also experienced the problem.

If you want to see this glitch in action, you'll need to watch the end of the video. While I have already timestamped it, my mobile friends should start the video at 8:38.

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As we can see, the glitch begins to occur when Tim shoots at another player. As a result, the screen is distorted and split in half. In light of how common this glitch is, Tim has a right to wonder why it hasn't been fixed.

As a result, the developers need to find out why it occurs before they can fix it. This doesn't seem to have a clear cause, as far as I can tell. Even when it happens frequently, it still appears to happen at random.

Hopefully, Raven Software will resolve this soon.

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