IceManIsaac Shows Best Way To Reach ATC Tower In Warzone

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The ATC Tower in Warzone is terrible. Numerous campers have made it their home and are not ashamed to do so. It is usually impossible to reach the site without a helicopter, but Isaac 'IceManIsaac' Hamilton found a way.

How To Reach ATC Tower In Warzone

His account is set up so that only Subscribers can view past videos. Fortunately for our readers, I am a subscriber, so I can watch the videos. However, I was unable to clip it because it would not let me. Still, I have pictures!

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Let's start with the drop-off point, which is located northwest of the ATC tower.

The map location is set here.
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Credit: IceManIsaac's Twitch
The location

You are heading for the red and white tower. You should climb to the top and face the tower you'd like to reach. An MP5 is helpful if you want to reach it more quickly.

The tower has a red and white pattern and faces the ATC tower.
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Credit: IceManIsaac Twitch
This tower

ATC Radio Tower is the camper's nest. Aim directly at it and then turn 90 degrees to the right.

The ATC Tower is located at 155 on the top compass.
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Credit: IceManIsaac Twitch
There's that nest.

It should be at 155 on your top compass; add 90 to that to make 245. Make sure you remember that.

Jump onto the railing. Then quickly tac-sprint jump and turn to 245 (or whatever number you got). Follow this clip to guide yourself into the tower as you get closer. Seeing the camper scared out of his wits that someone else had also arrived is hilarious.

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