The Haunting Warzone Event: All Phone Locations

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The Haunting Halloween event is in full swing and as players attempt to complete all nine Warzone challenges, there's one that's proving to be more complicated than others. With the arrival of Ghostface in Verdansk, a number of phones can be heard ringing throughout the map to add another layer of spookiness to the battle royale.

In order to unlock the LAPA submachine gun, all of the challenges must be completed but some are struggling to track down where the ringing is coming from. To complete the challenge, a total of three phones must be answered. Here's where to find the phones in The Ghosts of Verdansk LTM.


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Ghosts of Verdansk Phone Locations

The Haunting Warzone Phone Locations

The ringing phones can be found in various locations in Verdansk, especially in buildings where hearing a ringing phone wouldn't be out of the ordinary. They are very easy to hear so you should be able to track them down when you're close to one. Here's a complete list of phone locations we've found so far:

  • At the Hospital reception desk
  • Inside the office cubicles at TV Station
  • Inside the Verdansk Parliament Building
  • Inside a cabin at the Airport

How To Answer The Phones

Answering the phones is incredibly straightforward. Wait for the phone to ring and press your interact button. On the line will be Ghostface who will taunt you before hanging up and allowing you to continue with the game. If you miss the call, wait for it to ring again and interact with it. Don't be stood still for too long as your Fear Meter will begin to increase, causing various hallucinations to appear on your screen.


That's where to find the ringing phones in The Ghosts of Verdansk mode in Warzone. For more intel on The Haunting, check out our hub featuring all the latest news and information.