The Best Akimbo Marshal Loadout In Warzone According To JGOD

Warzone players can attest that the Akimbo Marshal is a great weapon when used correctly. There are plenty of examples of streamers who misuse these weapons, to a hilarious outcome, which I will mention later. James AKA 'JGOD' stands out from the rest, as he knows how to use it properly.

Several people will remember that JGOD played professional Esports before he decided to stream exclusively. JGOD was kind enough to share his Warzone setup for the Akimbo Marshal, and he does it amazingly well. Below is a picture and a video.

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JGOD's Warzone Set Up for Akimbo Marshal

JGOD was kind enough to share his setup for the Akimbo Marshal in Warzone. This article provides both a video and a screenshot of the setup, so it won't be hard to do. Readers can find the screenshot directly beneath the video.

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If you don't want to watch the video, JGOD explains that the sights are what you prefer, but he doesn't like the optics. The screenshot doesn't show some things:

Barrel: 6.5" Cut Down

Optic: Can do, but recommended as none

Ammunition: Dragon's Breath

Here's a video of Swagg playing like a noob if you don't believe that this is only OP if you use it properly. Also, his YouTube comments are the best, and they roast him! Despite Swagg being a great player, this video didn't allow him to show it.

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