JGOD Exposes Warzone Cheater Showing Hacks During Stream

Since its release, Warzone has had a hard time dealing with thousands of cheaters using a range of techniques in order to gain an unfair advantage over the opposition, much to the annoyance of the community. Despite the best efforts of Activision and Raven Software, cheaters are still running rampant during the early stages of Season 5.

As focus begins to turn towards the Call of Duty: Vanguard worldwide reveal, Warzone content creator JGOD has managed to expose a cheater that was showing off hacks in the middle of a match.

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Warzone Streamer Exposes Himself Cheating

After viewers bombarded Warzone streamer 'CptBaldy' with accusations of cheating, the streamer continued their Duos match denying any kind of cheats were being used but before long, he shot himself in the foot by bringing up a menu showcasing that cheats were in fact active.

Soon after the clip went viral, the community was quick to react to the exposure of their cheats. "What a loser..." one user exclaimed. "Why play with a cheat?" another added. Alongside the community sharing their thoughts, JGOD was extremely quick to call out the streamer on the suspicious activity.

While the clips of the streamer exposing his key to victory, his Twitch channel has been swiftly removed from the platform, joining a long list of streamers that have been caught using some kind of software to dominate the opposition. When Vanguard is released, it's believed that a dedicated Warzone anti-cheat will be arriving in the battle royale as Raven Software increases its efforts to combat the problem of cheaters spoiling the fun.

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