Raven Software Says Functioning Streamer Mode Is In Development

Plenty of Warzone content creators experience stream sniping when attempting to showcase their skills. Some viewers often attempt to track them down to score an easy kill. Raven Software has implemented a dedicated streamer mode but the feature is still leaving players exposed.

With Season 3 on the horizon, many are hoping the developer is listening to player feedback in addition to addressing numerous bugs including disappearing reticles.

In addition to bug fixes, Raven Software is teasing the arrival of a new and improved Warzone streamer mode capable of concealing the identites of content creators.

Warzone Pacific Streamer Mode
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Warzone New Streamer Mode

On April 5, Raven Software creative director Ted Timmins discussed the possibility of Streamer Mode Plus making an appearance in a future update. So far, only a select few have access to the feature, leading some to brand its distribution as "unfair."

"I've been really happy with the response to Streamer Mode Plus," says Timmins. "I think we were quite transparent that we're rolling it out to a small group as a beta, it wasn't supposed to be this exclusive club."

Based on early feedback, Timmins claims Raven Software has "made a ton of big changes" to the mode, much to the excitement of those wanting access to the feature.

Warzone Streamer Mode Plus Release Date

With Timmins suggesting the beta test was a success, we can expect Streamer Mode Plus to appear in the not too distant future. With plenty of changes expected in the Season 3 update, there's a possibility the feature could arrive alongside the new content.

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