Streamer Hires Mariachi Band To Celebrate Warzone Wins

The majority of matches in Warzone see up to 150 players dropping into the action in a bid to become the last one standing. With so many players, it's often tricky to make it into the final circle.

Throughout 2022, players are coming up with ingenious ways to celebrate their skills. One 15-year-old set off pyrotechnics in their bedroom after scoring a kill much to the amusement of the community.

With May now underway, a Warzone streamer has found another creative method to celebrate by hiring a Mariachi band to play in light of their impressive achievement.

Warzone Streamer Hires Mariachi Band

After conquering the opposition, Facebook Gaming streamer "Rexilla" shared a clip of a recent Warzone match with the gas beginning to close in. Despite some tricky opposition, the streamer manages to take down their final enemy to secure the win. "Another one!" shouts the streamer shortly followed by a Mariachi band playing in the background.

The Mexican music coincides with Cinco De Mayo, the country's national holiday. Since the clip first appeared, over 37k fans have tuned into the Mariachi band and the streamer's excellent Warzone skills. Players were quick to share their thoughts on the musical antics. One user says the clip was the "stream of the year."

The idea of putting on a show alongside the gameplay is taking off. As more content creators attempt to stand out from the crowd, there's every chance the spectacles reach even higher levels.

Warzone players use a variety of items ranging from baguettes to play the battle royale so it's going to be interesting to see what innovative techniques the community comes up with.

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