How to Unlock Warzone Serpentine Perk

After weeks of wondering what the Season 3 Reloaded update has to offer, Activision and Raven Software have unveiled their plans for the next major Warzone update. Alongside the arrival of the Underground Transit System and the H4 Blixen submachine gun, the Serpentine Perk from Vanguard multiplayer is making its way into the battle royale.

Serpentine acts as a direct counter to sniper rifles that are capable of eliminating players with a single bullet to the head. While it gives players a chance to evade the scope, it won't hinder sharpshooters too much if they're able to land a follow-up shot quickly.

The arrival of the Perk could spark a shift in the Season 3 Perk meta but it has some fierce competition to contend with. With that said, find out how to unlock the Serpentine Perk in Warzone in this guide.

How to Unlock Warzone Serpentine Perk

Unlike other items within the battle royale, there's no need to complete any kind of challenge or reach a specific tier of the Battle Pass in order to unlock Serpentine. The Call of Duty blog says the Perk is "available for all players " once the Season 3 Reloaded update launches on May 25, 2022.

Without any need to reach any unlock requirements, players can equip Serpentine as part of their loadout as soon as they jump into the action.

What Does the Warzone Serpentine Perk Do?

By sprinting with Serpentine equipped, incoming damage from "bullets, explosives, and fire" is reduced by 20%, making it much easier to navigate the open areas of Caldera and Rebirth Island. The Perk will appear in the Perk 1 slot, joining the likes of EOD, Double Time, and Cold-Blooded which means there's a chance all players won't use it immediately.

The reduction in damage is significant and for those shooting at a player using Serpentine, a small snake will appear once you hit the target. Knowing they've got some extra protection when sprinting, you can follow up with another shot from a sniper or switch to a fully automatic assault rifle to deal additional damage.

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Is the Warzone Serpentine Perk Good?

Having some additional resistance to incoming damage while sprinting around Caldera and Rebirth Island has its advantages but with so many viable options already in the Perk 1 category, it's tough to justify replacing either EOD or Double Time with Serpentine at the moment.

As Raven Software continues to adjust Warzone so balance is maintained, there are plenty of opportunities for Serpentine to feature in the loadouts of players. As it's a new Perk, expect plenty of players testing it out so be aware if you take aim at an opponent running at breakneck speed.

That's all there is to know about the Serpentine Perk in Warzone. For more, check out our page for the latest news, leaks, and guides.

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