Warzone Players Demand Nerf to Serpentine Perk

Season 3 Reloaded for Warzone is in full swing and as the latest season of post-launch content begins to wind down in preparation for the launch of Season 4, players continue to suggest changes to improve the battle royale.

The latest update saw the arrival of the Serpentine Perk which provides a 20% reduction in damage from bullets, fire, and explosives when sprinting.

While some are using the Perk to great effect as part of the Season 3 meta, others are far from impressed. Some players claim the Serpentine Perk is overpowered when used with specific equipment combinations.

Warzone Players Call for Serpentine Nerf

Alongside Serpentine, the Warzone developer also implemented a health increase to all Rebirth Island playlists increasing the time to kill (TTK) without the need for any weapon balancing.

With stims in the loadouts of several players, Reddit user 'swat7334' claims the addition of Serpentine is making it "so hard to get kills" on Rebirth Island thanks to the 20% of extra resistance.

Players in the comments share the same opinion of swat, saying the health increase is a "good" addition to Warzone but the appearance of Serpentine is "bad." "Serpentine in the hands of good players is definitely way too strong," adds another frustrated player.

As Serpentine is a new addition to the Warzone arsenal, it's unclear if Raven Software will make any kind of changes to the Perk in order to restore some balance.

However, with Season 4 on the horizon, there's always a chance the developer has some kind of adjustment up its sleeves so Serpentine doesn't disappear from the meta altogether.

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