What Is The Current Warzone Meta?

Thanks to the frequent updates implemented by Raven Software, the Warzone metagame changes on a regular basis, with certain weapons falling out of favour and others becoming popular choices in a number of different loadouts.

With Season Two in full swing, and with the introduction of two new weapons and new points of interest across Verdansk, the metagame has changed a lot since the days of constant RPG spam.

The hefty nerf of the DMR 14 tactical rifle sparked the latest change to the metagame, and since then, it’s been relatively stable, with players using a wide range of weaponry to take down their opposition with ease.

With plenty of choices, what is the current Warzone meta?

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The Current Warzone Meta

Despite the wide variety of weapons to choose from, there are a handful that stand out from the crowd thanks to their superior performance on the battlefield.

Here are four weapons that are currently dominating the Season Two metagame.

1)     FFAR 1

Warzone Season 2 Meta
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The FFAR 1 assault rifle as one of the fastest times to kill in the entire Warzone arsenal. Combined with a lethal rate of fire and incredible mobility, the rifle is often seen in the killfeed and is the perfect tool to dispatch any targets in mid-range combat.

With the right set of attachments, the recoil levels are much easier to control, making it one of the most versatile weapons to use.

2)     MAC-10

Warzone MAC-10 meta
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Getting up close and personal with an opponent is almost always a chaotic experience which often ends up with players being sent on an unexpected trip to the gulag.

To dominate close-quarters gunfights, the MAC-10 SMG that arrived in Season One has been a go-to weapon for several players.

The rate of fire is unmatched, giving players the ability to shred through the armour of an opponent and downing them in just a few seconds.

With minimal time to counter being hit with a barrage of MAC-10 bullets, the SMG is the perfect accompaniment to any assault rifle or sniper.

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3)     Kilo 141

Warzone Season 2 Metagame
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Widely regarded as the most reliable assault rifle in Warzone, the Kilo 141 has been a staple of the metagame since the earlier seasons of the battle royale.

Armed with low recoil levels alongside plenty of attachment combinations thar are effective in numerous situations, the Kilo is ideal for taking out targets from a distance.

4)     AUG

Warzone meta season 2
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One of the recent additions to the metagame has been the AUG from Black Ops Cold War.

The burst rifle may not be the most mobile weapon to select but with just two accurate bursts to the upper body, it can down an enemy.

To maximise performance with the AUG, we recommend equipping the Axial Arms 3x optic for a crystal-clear view of the intended target.

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