How To Get The ACR Assault Rifle In Warzone

For many Call of Duty fans, there are few weapons that will ever contend with the ACR assault rifle that appeared in Modern Warfare 2.

With Season Two of Warzone in full swing, players have been getting to grips with the wealth of brand-new content, including new weapons, new points of interest throughout Verdansk, and a new Battle Pass for players to work their way through.

Despite the ACR not appearing in a Call of Duty title since the release of Modern Warfare 3, it’s not stopped the passionate community attempting to recreate the iconic rifle using different weapons and attachments found in the Warzone gunsmith.

Here’s how to get as close to finding the ACR in Warzone.

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The ACR is not available as a weapon in Warzone, meaning the only way to use anything that resembles the rifle is by recreating it in the gunsmith.

Reddit user ‘ixMnstr’ managed to create something that does closely resemble the ACR.

ACR Warzone
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This Kilo 141 build is the closest players will get to equipping the ACR in Warzone unless Raven Software decides to add the weapon into the game in a future update.

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Will The ACR Be Added To Warzone?

ACR Warzone
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Will the ACR ever make an appearance in Warzone?


While the idea of adding classic Call of Duty weaponry into Warzone sounds like an amazing idea, the likelihood of the ACR ever appearing in the battle royale is slim.

Depending on the setting of the 2021 Call of Duty title, perhaps the ACR could make an appearance in the months leading up to the release of the game? It’s certainly a longshot but it’s likely going to be the only way that the iconic assault rifle manages to feature in Warzone.

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