Warzone Exfiltration Trios Explainer - How To Play And How To Win

Season Two of Warzone is in full swing and Raven Software has introduced a brand-new playlist to the immensely popular battle royale.

Alongside the addition of the new Exfiltration Trios playlist, the new season has seen new weapons introduced into the weapon arsenal and the appearance of brand-new points of interest located all over Verdansk.

Exfiltration Trios arrived as part of the March 4th playlist update, and offers an alternative path to the victory helicopter.

Here’s everything you need to know about Warzone’s brand-new playlist.

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What Is Warzone Exfiltration Trios?

Warzone Exfiltration Trios Playlist
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Warzone Exfiltration Trios sees several teams of three drop into Verdansk as usual. What sets this particular mode apart from standard Warzone Trios, is that there is a second way to achieve a win.

Once on the ground, the enclosing circle of gas will appear alongside a second circle with a symbol of a radio in the centre of it.

If a player manages to secure control of the radio, they must hold onto it for a total of five minutes. If they can do that without being sent to the Gulag, they will successfully exfil from Verdansk and will be crowned victorious.

While that does sound straightforward, any player that is in possession of the radio will have their exact location revealed on the minimap of every single player in the lobby, making it incredibly difficult to last the five minutes without coming into contact with an opponent.

If no players manage to hold onto the radio, standard Warzone rules apply. The last squad standing at the end of a match is the winner.

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Warzone Exfiltration Trios Tips and Tricks

Teamwork is the key to achieving a successful exfil.

You and your squad can choose to hold out in a building or on the rooftop of a skyscraper that’s hard to access but doing this for five minutes with everyone knowing your position can be tricky.

After a few games, we found that the best way to avoid any opposition when holding onto the radio was by keeping on the move. We did encounter plenty of enemies but with the right loadouts, it’s easy to make light work of them.

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