How To Play Zombies On Warzone

The Black Ops series is arguably the most popular section of the Call of Duty universe thanks to the release of the Zombies survival mode that appeared all the way back on World At War.

With Season Two of Warzone in full swing and the surprise arrival of the undead onto the shores of Verdansk alongside new weapons and Operators, Warzone players can get a small taste of the chaos that often ensues during a round based Zombies match.

As the undead begin to spread across Verdansk, more and more players are wanting to get in on slaying the undead.

Here’s how to play Zombies on Warzone.

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How To Play Zombies On Warzone

How To Play Zombies On Warzone
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To get your fix of Zombie-slaying action in Warzone, the first thing to do is head to the Shipwreck at the beginning of the match.

When you land, there will be several Zombies around the area, so it’s important to grab a weapon as quickly as possible to take down the opposition with ease.

While some players will assist you in taking down the undead, in Solo Warzone it’s incredibly important to be aware of other players that land in the area as they could easily send you to the gulag while you’re busy dealing with the undead threat.

For those wanting a taste of round-based action, the only way to do this is by purchasing Black Ops Cold War.

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Why Are Zombies In Warzone?

Zombies made their appearance in Warzone after the mysterious Vodianoy cargo ship crashed after disappearing off the coast of Rebirth Island.

Believed to contain an unknown cargo, it wasn’t until the ship crashed on the shores of Verdansk before players got their first look at the undead cargo on board.

In recent weeks, the Zombies have begun to leave the shipwreck, implying that a widespread takeover of the entire map could be imminent.

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