Where to find Gas and Explosive zombies in Warzone?

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The new Season of Warzone is here with a host of gameplay and cosmetic updates.

However, there are a few additions that may have slipped under the radar...


New Zombie Variants

Zombies were added to Warzone with the latest season 2 update a few weeks ago.

This change adds a Player v Environment aspect to this Pvp game, making for a unique expereince in Call of Duty.

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However, players have been spotting some new versions of the zombies

New explosive and gas variants of the zombies can be seen amongst the rest, but where do you find them?

Where to find them

luckily the zombie outbreak doesnt seem to be spreading past the Shipwreck


You can find these new zombies in with the rest of them. 

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Travel to the shipwreck location found to the South- East of Verdansk and get a look for yourself!