Scump Says Hackers Define His Warzone Experience So Far

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Recently, Seth 'Scump' Abner tweeted about his experience playing Warzone. He showed a video of a blatant hacker missing him completely yet still getting a headshot. It was as if the bullet decided to be a pal and curve like in the movie "Wanted."

OpTic Scimp described it as his "Warzone Experience in a Nutshell." The oddest thing about it is that it appears that he was shot with an AR, but it was a sniper. The fact that Warzone allows cheaters to get away with kills like that is astounding.


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Warzone Cheater

OpTic Scump didn't even consider the possibility that it was a no-scope. A very horrible shot is fired by the enemy, which misses entirely. Then, the enemy makes a run for it into a corner. From Scump's screen, it looks like he was hit with seven bullets. One hit the head, and the rest hit the body.


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It's awful, but a great reason why I surf Twitter first thing in the morning. Until that anti-cheat arrives, which I doubt will do much, we'll have great clips like this to remind us how much Activision lets slide.

Although if this anti-cheat really works as promised, it may be interesting to look back on and remember. This is not something anyone wants to repeat again, but it is still something to remember.