SBMM Warzone Rebrands And Reopens As WZ Stats

Season 3 of Warzone is well underway and as players continue to drop into Verdansk '84, a popular third-party website has rebranded and reopened, much to the delight of several members of the community.

Formerly known as SBMM Warzone, the website was used by many as it showed the skill of the lobbies played in alongside a wealth of stats ranging from K/D ratio, the average number of kills per game, and more.

Thanks to Activision intervention, SBMM Warzone had to close down but thanks to the incredible support of the Warzone community, the website has rebranded and reopened as WZ Stats.

Here's why the popular website had to rebrand and what has changed from its previous guise.

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SBMM Warzone Rebrands As WZ Stats

SBMM Warzone Rebrands To WZ Stats
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Despite receiving a letter from Warzone publisher Activision to shut down SBMM Warzone, the website has undergone a rebrand and will no longer be associated with skill-based matchmaking (SBMM).

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As part of the rebrand, the website won't feature the popular lobby ranking system that the website became synonymous with when it was first discovered. While some players may be disappointed that the popular feature is disappearing, they will still be able to see how their stats fare against the rest of the world.

Now known as WZ Stats, players can see which of the best streamers in the world are showcasing their skills on Twitch along with the ability to directly compare stats with another player.

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Will Activision Close Down WZ Stats?

Despite the creators of WZ Stats being incredibly willing to work alongside Activision in order to avoid the project being closed down, the publisher has yet to reach out.

With Activision's unwillingness to co-operate with the website, there is a chance that the newly-branded WZ Stats website could be closed down but we think Activision should join forces with this excellent tool to provide players with all kinds of information surrounding their Warzone performance.

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