Warzone Players Claim RICOCHET Nerfs Damage

The arrival of RICOCHET anti-cheat to Warzone has been met with a wealth of positivity from within the often-vocal community as the battle against hackers within the battle royale continues. With Season 1 Reloaded in full swing, it appears that some cheaters are managing to slip through the next, much to the annoyance of players looking to drop into Caldera without running into anyone with inhuman accuracy.

Alongside issuing permanent bans to those caught cheating, some players are claiming that RICOCHET goes one step further, significantly decreasing damage for some players with suspiciously high levels of accuracy.

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Warzone RICOCHET Damage Nerf

Warzone Pacific RICOCHET Damage Nerf
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According to an update from a Warzone cheat provider, RICOCHET looks at the in-game stats of a potential cheater before issuing a punishment along with nerfing damage which makes it "very hard to kill people." Rather than issuing a ban, cheat-free players get the upper hand thanks to the damage nerf. A subtle yet ingenious change to frustrate cheaters even more.

While legitimate players were glad to hear of such a change, some were concerned that the tactic could impact those who are deadly on the streets of Caldera.

Does RICOCHET Nerf Damage?

There's a possibility that Warzone's anti-cheat does implement such measures but the likelihood of ever finding out is highly unlikely in case hackers use it to find more workarounds. Pro Warzone players recently claimed that players with a low K/D ratio receive higher accuracy levels so the two could be linked in some capacity. If RICOCHET does nerf damage levels for potential hackers, it's certainly an interesting way of dealing with certain players but the impact it could have on highly skilled players could be hugely problematic.

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