Pro Warzone Players Claim Devs Increase Accuracy for Low K/D Players

Season 1 Reloaded for Warzone Pacific is on the horizon, much to the excitement of players hoping Raven Software issue a wealth of fixes in order to improve the popular battle royale. With several professional Warzone players being shadowbanned, some are choosing to use an alternative account to continue dropping into Caldera.

When loading into matches on a different account, several world-class players are claiming that playing on an account with a low K/D ratio provides significant improvements to hit registration, drastically improving levels of accuracy that make it much easier to eliminate an opponent.

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Low K/D Warzone Players Get Better Accuracy

Warzone Pacific Low KD Better Accuracy
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To test whether the theory was true, Warzone superstar Flxnked switched to another account sporting a 0.3 K/D ratio to test whether there was any kind of changes to accuracy levels. After a few games and much to their surprise, the player confirmed that there is "an ABSURD difference in bullet reg," allowing players to score kills with ease.

The clip above shows Flxnked in the Gulag and winning it with some incredibly accurate shots that manage to hit the target with lethal precision despite a small part of their player model showing on the screen. Other players were quick to support the theory, with one saying that "playing on a new account feels like having aimbot."

Does Low K/D Give Better Accuracy?

Based on the evidence provided by Flxnked and other players, it appears that there is some kind of accuracy boost that's implemented for players with low K/D ratios. Having strong hit registration is usually determined by having low latency, meaning there's a chance players with low K/D are being placed in more stable lobbies. Without some kind of testing, it's tricky to determine whether this is a factor but it's certainly interesting to think Raven Software could be giving certain player groups a helping hand.

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