Raven Software Removes 'Report Offensive Chat' Feature From Warzone

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Warzone Season 4is well underway and as Raven Software attempts to rectify the numerous bugs, glitches, and exploits that players are encountering on the streets of Verdansk and Rebirth Island, the developer has removed the ability to report any offensive text chat that players may encounter during a match. The removal of the feature has split the opinions of players, with many questioning why the useful feature has been omitted.

It was removed as part of the July 22ndupdate which finally addressed the overpowered Royal & Kross 4x optic for the C58and a bug where players managed to access unlimited amounts of Dead Silence.


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Warzone Report Offensive Chat Feature Removed

According to the patch notes, this popular feature to help prevent toxicity within Warzone was taken out from the game due to the developer investigating "a related crash." Exact details on what the crash entailed were not revealed, leaving many wondering why the popular feature has disappeared.


Prior to its removal, Warzone publisher Activision revealed that over 350,000 accounts had been banned due to toxic behaviour, and it's highly likely that many of them were reported by players using the offensive chat feature.

When Will It Return?

It's currently unclear as to when the feature will be making its way back to Warzone, leaving players with limited options when it comes to reporting toxic behaviour. Until then, the best way of reporting any toxic behaviour during a match is to open the Social menu on your respective platform and select Recent Players. Highlight the players you want to report and choose Report Player. There are a number of options to select so choose which one you see fit.

While we wait for the Report Offensive Chat feature to return, check out what we expect to arrive in Season 5and what Dr Disrespect thinks about the current state of Warzone.