Dr Disrespect Claims Warzone’s AUG Is “Broken, Broken”

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As Warzone reaches the halfway stage of Season 2, Dr Disrespect has become the latest content creator to express their frustrations surrounding the current metagame for the battle royale. Not one for holding back on his opinions, the two-time shared his thoughts on the AUG tactical rifle, a weapon that is currently dominating the Warzone metagame.

Prior to this period of dominance, Warzone experienced a few months of stability, with several weapons being considered as the very best to use.

Soon after the release of update 1.33, players made the switch to the AUG thanks to its incredible versatility and high output of damage.

With several names calling on Raven Software to nerf the AUG in order to improve Warzone, a change could well arrive as soon as the release of update 1.34.

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The AUG Is "Broken, Broken"

Dr Disrespect Says Warzone AUG Is Broken Broken Season 2
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During a stream that took place on March 26th, Dr Disrespect jumped into Warzone with ZLaner for some high-octane Duos matches but as the stream progressed, the Doc got increasingly annoyed with the rifle after he was downed despite being hidden behind a piece of cover.

As ZLaner attempted to debate whether the DMR meta was worse than the AUG meta, the Doc said “I’m going to say it’s worse than the DMR, yeah.”

He continued to justify his view: The reason why I give it to the AUG is because it’s actually broken, broken. I know the DMR was OP and that was broken in the sense that like the tuning of the weapon was broken, but in terms of the AUG, I think it’s technically broken.”

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When Will The AUG Get Nerfed?

As demand for a nerf to the AUG continues to grow, the issue is surely impossible for Raven Software to ignore.

The developer was relatively quick to address the performance of the DMR but has yet to issue any kind of information surrounding any kind of nerf.

If Raven Software does pay attention to the vocal community, there’s every chance that the AUG will receive a nerf as part of update 1.34, but the silence surrounding the problem certainly suggests that the rifle will be dominating the meta for the foreseeable future.

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